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Transport Connection

External Connection – The proposed transport infrastructure will foster cross-boundary travel and enhance the connection of San Tin Technopole with other areas in the New Territories and urban areas:

  • there are three mass transit rail links to San Tin Technopole, including the existing LMC Spur Line with LMC Station, the planned NOL Main Line with San Tin Station, and the proposed NOL Spur Line to Huanggang with stations near Chau Tau and at HSITP; and
  • there are four major road connections linking San Tin Technopole to the surrounding areas. San Tin Technopole will be served by San Tin Highway (with proposed widening between San Tin Interchange and the proposed Shek Wu Wai Interchange) and Fanling Highway in the east-west direction, connected to the Huanggang Port to the north via the re-aligned San Sham Road, and linked to a future Northern Metropolis Highway connection in the southeast.

Pedestrian and Cycling Network – There will be a comprehensive network of cycle track and pedestrian walkway system connecting various development sites, public spaces and activity nodes of San Tin Technopole, with a view to realising the 15-minute neighbourhood concept and promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.  To overcome the segregation of San Tin Highway/Fanling Highway, 3 new crossings for pedestrians and cyclists will be constructed in addition to 4 existing underpasses/footbridges across these highways.

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